Zack has dropped by our forums to update his latest project, Mario Fusion, a new take to the old NES classic platformer that wee all grown up to love.

Mario Fusion is a tribute to the Mario franchise that we all know and love. The game features most of the features you would expect to see in a mario game, with breakable blocks, animated tiles, mushrooms, coins, goombas, flowers & shells. The game features 5 Levels including a showdown with your evil nemesis bowser!

The game is fun & challenging and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did creating it. Please read the credits screen in game for a full list of people who helped me make this game possible.

Game is programmed in C using the GU. It is also multiplatform, currently supported platforms are : PSP, Windows, Mac OSX & Linux.


* Re-wrote tile animation function
o FPS never drops below 60fps now
o Fixed enemy's appearing below the ground bug
Source-[Release] Mario Fusion