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Thread: Wasabi v3 with V5B Wii-Clip - Really 100% Solderless?

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    Wasabi v3 with V5B Wii-Clip - Really 100% Solderless?


    I'd first like to mention that I'm not a total noob to the modding scene having own a modded xbox for some years in which I soldered in an xecuter X3 chip. I am now about to purchase a wii chip so that I can modify my D2E Wii drive (have opened up the console to confirm its definitely a D2E) and I would appreciate some advice (hopefully this may help others also).

    I remember when I chose the X3 for the xbox is was widely considered the best and most robust chip on the market however having done much research on wii mod chips have yet to find a chip that is ultimately considered the front runner.

    Price isn't really an issue for me however I would really like the install to be completely solderless.

    I have summarised below the chips that I'm currently considering and as I see it the pro's (+) and con's (-) of each chip. (Please correct me if I have got anything incorrect).

    D2Sun v3 (solderless):

    + External On/Off switch (in-valuable if Nintendo ever start detecting mod-chips online)
    - Only updatable via JTAG programmer (which must be purchased seperately), no DVD update
    ? Don't know much more about it

    D2Pro (solderless):

    + Seems to be the most popular
    + Can be updated by DVD and programmer)
    - Can suffer from inching issue
    - Can suffer from eject/insert issue
    - Small possibility of havig to solder a J wire even when using the solderless Wii-Clip option

    Wasabi v3 (solderless with standard Wii-Clip):

    + Seems to be considered the most robust chip on the market
    + 2nd most popular chip behind D2Pro
    + Have just released update 1.4
    - HAVE to solder the F wire therefore isn't really a solderless solution

    Wasabi v3 (solderless with V5B Wii-Clip with extra wire pre-soldered):

    + Seems to be considered the most robust chip on the market
    + 2nd most popular chip behind D2Pro
    + Have just released update 1.4
    + Completely solderless install (if it does work as people have claimed)

    Now I have only just disovered the last option of the Wasabi v3 with the non-standard V5B wii clip. I read about this here:

    Link violation removed

    Can anyone confirm that this is a viable option and it really does work?
    If the answer is yes then I think I've discovered the chip that I'm after as it ticks all the boxes.

    The only thing it doesn't have is the option to disable the chip via switch (like the D2Sun). How likely is it that Nintendo will start trying to detect and disable mod chips when people use Nintendo Wi-fi Connect?

    I would welcome any other thoughts or recomendations...

    EDITED..Not accurate info...Direct link Violation...Feeble promotion attempt ... anyone next?

    an updated review will be done shortly
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    you know, you CAN solder a switch on or pay someone too.. also how many games do you really PLAY online, theres brawl, and MK but what else really...

    the odds of nintendo doing that are almost null, since they havent yet, and youre saying you cant do it, or pay someone like 10 bucks to do it?

    on the chip front, D2Sun is popular and theres a lot of support since on WiiNewz their active, but overall i would stick to a chip more people use, and above all i dont see anything special from it

    D2pro is a good chip, i had a lot of issues, but others shouldnt, i hear it works well, and decent support but i hear the group behind the chip are like ghosts

    wasabi which i have, is good, it is the only one without the disc eject error, and firmware 1.4 blocks updates, meaning no questionable steps, no thinking wow my brother installed this that idiot, etc, its a good chip over all though

    all chips are about the same, i would go with Wasabi but you cant really go wrong *unless you dont do any*

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    everything has a flaw, i hear some people get it, others dont, and some come later, they will fix it one of these days, but in the end.

    D2pro has the Jtag which makes it easier to update if there is a bad update for us
    Wasabi, has a onboard memory, no eject issue, and a better injection system

    like i said, their all decent choices, just read into features, and the issues/solution rate, and make a choice

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    for the inching/ejecting issue and soldering the j wire its not present if you are getting the d2pro9 v3 2.3/1.6 firmware.
    Also the team isn't like ghosts, they are very much present, the communicate constantly with the distributors and are always working on new things (can't disclose what, but we beta test a lot of their stuff).
    As for wiikey2 if you're going that route get the yellow serial version, this is the one that is good and only 6 wires
    The wasabi V3 also very good solution, and the team has picked up on the communication also.

    The quality build of d2pro9/wasabi/and wiikey2 are very good, not cheap pcb or components.
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