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Thread: Selling Bricked Wii

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    Ca Selling Bricked Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    Older, white version
    3.2U firmware before brick
    NTSC-U region
    SD-Card and GC Controller Covers are broken
    No other Physical Damage, all parts are pristine

    I'm not quite sure what's wrong with it, I Don't really know how to unbrick it but I'm sure that the experts who use this site can figure it out, then you'd have a working wii for the price of a broken one.

    PM me if interested.

    To answer some of your questions;
    The wii is vulnerable to boot2,
    I have bootmii running,
    I have tried some of the diagnostic fixes, and special button combinations etc
    the disc light blinks once during boot
    I am not including any cables, games, accessories or wiimotes.
    I was downgrading from 4.1u to 3.2u when the brick occurred. (i think)
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    You might get more hits if you add the following:

    1) The serial number to determine if it has a vulnerable boot2

    2) Power on holding reset and see if priiloader comes up

    3) Power on again and see if the dvd light flashes once or twice quickly

    4) What were you doing when it died.

    I'm not looking to buy, but these would be the questions people would want to know.

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    declare if u've ever tried Maintenance Mode (Rescue Mode) and what's the finding would be generous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by co0lflame View Post
    The wii is vulnerable to boot2,
    the disc light blinks once during boot
    I was downgrading from 4.1u to 3.2u when the brick occurred. (i think)
    Single flash doesn't suggest BootMii installed as boot2, neither would firmware 4.1; 3.2 via downgrade means nothing. A better answer would be how old the Wii is; over two years old should be boot1-vulnerable for a boot2 install of BootMii.

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    Yea, I'm really not certain about this stuff, Its def. over two years old and I know that I had Bootmii installed.

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    If you have a black screen brick and you can load bootmii then it would have to be installed as boot2. What you are saying does not add up....If you want someone to buy your console just be straight with the facts. What works what doesn't? Can you actually get into bootmii?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Is this wii still for sale pm me

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