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Thread: Canada mods

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    Post Canada mods

    DOES CANADA MODS RIP U OF IF U USE A CREDIT CARD CAUSE I CANT AFFORD TO LOSE MY MONEY! & also Whats the best modchip to buy 4 rookies or the best out of all mod chips

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    Please try searching more...

    There's plenty of positive reviews of Canada mods around or you can take a look at the big banner at the top of your screen that says canada mods is an official reseller of this board...

    There is no "best" chip. You can put a chip that compatible with your drive chipset on a wiiclip for solderless install.

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    Dude just have a look around at all the positive comments about Canada Mods. Hell they have several representatives who post here regularly. I bought my chip from Canada Mods and they didn't rip me off. It got mailed out the next day after I paid for it and I received it in about 9 days (Canada to US mail is kinda slow).

    As far as which chip to get, it depends on which DVD drive version you have, or you can just get a chip that is compatible with all versions. Unfortunately the best chip for rookies and the best chip out there are 2 different things. The best way for a rookie installer to go is to install a chip with a Wii Clip or have an experienced installer do it. The best mod chips out there are probably the Wasabi V3, WiiKey 2, and D2Pro9, but really it's a matter of opinion. I have a Wasabi V3 which is compatible with all drives and I've had no problems with it.
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    well you never know unless you ask when you use cc you're automatically protected and that is one of the main reasons cc is our method of payment. It goes through a 3rd party processor so that none of your information can be at risk ever. We do this because say we ever got hacked there is nothing that would be of use to anyone We pay a premium going that method as well.
    If youre in Canada or USA you can always request your tracking # as well
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