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Thread: I reformatted my homebrewed wii. How do i homebrew it now?

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    I reformatted my homebrewed wii. How do i homebrew it now?

    originally i homebrewed my Wii to make backups of my games. My problem was that i couldn't get any of the ISO dumper apps to work. i did a bunch of installations and rev stuff (stuff i don't understand at ALL) but in the end, i would brick my wii whenever i tried any ISO dumper. so i would unplug my wii then plug it in and restart it. after a while i got frustrated and just wanted to start over. i thought i could re-homebrew my wii if i just wipe it clean and start over...thus i reformatted it. now the screen freezes when i use smash-stack. btw I am on version 4.3. how do i homebrew it? and once i do that, how can i get the ISODumpers to work?! tyvm for the help!

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    You will need to do a complete mod, not just install homebrew. You can use any usb loader to dump/copy original games. Look here for your guide.
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