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Thread: SSBB Hacks

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    SSBB Hacks

    Does anyone know where i can can get some hacks for ssbb
    not like gecko/ocarina codes i mean like actual hacks for example
    1. make you own characters and play them on riivolution
    2. make your own items
    3. use different things when make a stage beside the default stuff

    if anyone has anything be sure to leave information or a download link or something like that

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    Brawl Vault (kitty corp)

    Kitty Corp: Meow Mix
    if u want to make move sets google "psa ssbb" and/or "brawlbox"
    is a little hard to make some move sets, but texture hacks are easier (if u knoe how to use photoshop)
    YouTube - Texture Hacking in Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Fierce Deity Kirby read the description and some comments.

    hope i helped u.

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