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Thread: Hope this is the right area - Priiloader Question and seeking Advice

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    Us Hope this is the right area - Priiloader Question and seeking Advice

    Issue with getting my Priiloader installed. Had the IOS61 Identify issue and wont go threw, but my main question still lies in the fact of do I really really need this if I just plan to run Emulators for the time being since I have 4.2U on the Black Wii System. If I should go ahead and get it installed so I wont have any issues once I get a External HDD any help on how to move past this would be most appreciated otherwise everything else from the guide/s from Sonic and what not worked great, but after reading threw them again I'm still lost on how to actually get the 61 working ...again sorry Krank if this was the wrong area. Before posting anything else Ill make sure to re-read again VERY slowly where to post something.


    Side note: If anyone would like to share there thoughts on what they have done with there Wii to just keep it simple, yet have lots if not loads of Homebrew apps please throw me a line. I would love to do as much possible before I get to the point of adding the External HDD and useing the USBLoader to play burnt/downloaded/any other way games. I'm still very new to this ...going on 78 hours, lol, and would just love to hear from everyone. Internet Channels, other random channels, Media Apps, and really anything else to make my Homebrew Wii more fun. I look forward to hearing from all the wonderful members!
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    First, you need to follow a softmod guide here to mod your wii, all of our guides include priiloader install. I highly recommend installing priiloader if you are going to make any modifications to the wii.

    Second, the error your getting is easily solved by using your cIOS to install. If you do not have a cIOS then you need to follow a softmod guide here for your system menu (again, the guide includes priiloader install).
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    Just install priiloader, it's not bullet proof, but will get you out of a brick if you install a bad wad.

    If you are unsure of where to post, then post in the noobie section. We even recommend the new members to post in the noobie section until you get a feel for the forum.

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    Thanks guys once again. I will post there and see if I cant see it resolved.

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    Huge thanks to Krank, Stomp, and all else who got my situated ...PriiLoader is now installed and my USB Loader is working so well I cant even belive it. My daughters already enjoying New Super Mario Bros. Thank you so much again guys for your time and patience.


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