Music player for the Wii. It has a nice interface and is skinnable. It plays mp3, ogg, flac and other formats but does not work with wma or aac. It is a native Wii application (no Wii Linux) with the intent of being a multi-source media player on the Wii. As of 0.2, DMP now supports Samba sources as well as USB and SD already available.


DragonMedia Player will pick up files anywhere on your SD or USB stick, and plays sequentially once a file has started. Simply install into the HBC by copying the dmp folder in the zip file to /apps/ and run the program. Do not rename the folder as DragonMedia Player expects things to be in the correct place in order to function. For the changelog, please look inside either the source or the binary zip file.
Supported Formats

Currently, this list is limited, as I have tried to set up the application framework before porting codecs. I am working on getting more formats such as aac/m4a integrated, and I am interested in supporting as many strange formats as possible even beyond what is already implemented.


DMP also supports a few playlist types.

* m3u
* pls

Supported File Sources

Again, this list is very limited, nothing from DVD or Internet RAdio supported yet.

* Front SD
* Samba
Source- DMP Wiki