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Thread: Child Friendly Recommendations for modding

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    Child Friendly Recommendations for modding

    Good morning,

    I'm new to wii modding and still looking through all the options. Which currently seem almost endless. I have a 3 year old that love to play games but as with all kids is hard on the disks.

    I'm looking for a possible solution to move the disks to a HD with loading from the menu. But I don't want him to accidentally be able to navigate through and mess something up too. example: Hes been known to find my save games and delete them...
    So I don't know if the mods have lock outs/etc to make it impossible for him to accidentally do something.

    So if anyone has recommendations hardmod or softmod that would be great! I'll continue to research on my own but being pointed in a direction would be fantastic.


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    Softmod your wii and do the following

    1. Move homebrew channel to last page on menu, so no-one can tamper with it. (press a and b and you can move channel)
    2. Delete all apps you don't need from sd card (or back them up to pc). Just incase kids etc get access to homebrew.
    3. Install priiloader.
    4. Install Gecko OS, boot it up and click on rebooter. When wii reboots you will be able to press a+b and move the disc channel. Move it to last page like homebrew if you have kids that may accidently use an original disc and update.
    6. Move all other un-used channels to last page of wii. (My kids one has wiimc and usb loader channels only on first menu page)

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    Follow the usb loading guide in my sig and then look for a guide by wiijohn on a child friendly set up. It uses priiloader to boot right to the usb loader so all they have to do is click on the pictures and never even see the system menu.


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