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Thread: Small chat box fix

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    Question Small chat box fix

    Can we PLEASE put it giant sized red letters that the chat box is NOT a search form? It's bugging me.

    Maybe not big letters, but something like this:

    Put this code in the <input> tag of the search box.

      type="text" class="hint" value="Chat Box..." 
      onfocus="if (this.className=='hint') { this.className = ''; this.value = ''; }"
      onblur="if (this.value == '') { this.className = 'hint'; this.value = 'Chat Box...'; }"
    Then inside the chat box's text box, it will say "Chat Box...". When someone clicks inside the box, the letters will disappear and the use can type whatever.

    Anyway, it's not my decision, but I'm sure someone thinks something should be done about it.

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    I was just about to post something like this.

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    i think the Shoutbox, doesnt serve a lot of use, i dont read it, but i see questions and problems in it, but ill talk to modderman, and see what i can do

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    im excited already

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    about, what a simple line in the shoutbox xD

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    lol yeah...

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