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Thread: Stream audio to wii over bluetooth

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    Question Stream audio to wii over bluetooth

    Is there any way that you can stream audio on your wii over bluetooth?I ve seen that in GeeXboX under options there is an option to enable/disable "OBEX OVER BLUETOOTH" but i dont know if thats it.
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    It looks possible. Read this-

    • Hardware

    Wii's built-in bluetooth adapter is used for bluetooth networking in GeeXboX for Wii. For ethernet over bluetooth, remote PC or handheld devices should support bluetooth PAN. For obex over bluetooth, remote devices should support OBEXPUSH and/or OBEXFTP. Due to imperfections in current Wii USB host contrller driver, many bluetooth functions in GeeXboX for Wii are still buggy. The following services are disabled by default.

    • Ethernet over bluetooth

    To enable bluetooth PAN, you have to modify /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez and specify correct values for PAN-related options. Prior experience with using bluetooth PAN, especially in linux, is recommended.

    • Obex over bluetooth

    GeeXboX for Wii supports OBEXPUSH between Wii and remote devices. Pushed files received by Wii are stored in the folder specified in /GEEXBOX/etc/obex. Pushing files from Wii is currently only implemented for USB keyboard operation (pressing 'B' when file is highlighted), but adding it to wiimote operation is possbile and easy. Obex related configurations are stored in /GEEXBOX/etc/obex and some functions are configurable though GUI options menu.

    • Audio over bluetooth

    GeeXboX for Wii supports streaming mono or stereo (A2DP) audio to bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth MAC address of remote device must be specified in /GEEXBOX/etc/bluez. Switching between normal audio and bluetooth audio is done through GUI options menu.
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    Technically it is possible but i can't find any software to achieve it.I searched a little bit more about GeeXboX and i found that it can be used as an obex server but not as a receiver.So no luck there...


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