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Thread: Is there any version of Neogamma for Wii v3.2?

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    Is there any version of Neogamma for Wii v3.2?

    I'm pretty new to modding Wii's but I was able to downgrade my Wii to v3.2U (for maximum usage of Homebrew) from 4.3U after Smash stack and long hours of trial and error. BUT I just noticed that some people got their wii's bricked trying to install neogamma. I know about the WiiBrickBlocker but the games I have are already on disks and I dont have access to the ISO files anymore, so I was wondering if there is any way I can get a backup loader/launcher that will automatically stop my games from updating my Wii for version 3.2U. Thank you for any replies back.

    PS. once again I am very new to modding so links/step by step directions to aid me will be very much appreciated.

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    And which of our Recommended Guides speaks of downgrading to 3.2? Answer: none. What does this have to do with Neo Gamma itself? Nothing. Your question as to ability to block an online update is also a fail --- ever hear of Priiloader? I'm pretty sure mauifrog mentions it (not that you bothered to follow a wiihacks guide, obviously). Bear witness to this:

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