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Thread: Does this work: Component to DVI Adapter?

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    Unhappy Does this work: Component to DVI Adapter?

    Okay, so because of this amazing site, I am now using my Wii much more often. However, this was before I came up to my college apartment where I only have an HD Monitor. My monitor's only inputs are, HDMI, DVI and VGA.

    I'm not really prioritizing based on the best quality or anything (back home I played composite), I just want to play.

    So far I have two products in mind and the cheapest alternative is best.

    1) Wii2HDMI - HDMI your Wii.
    This product seems to work just fine according to several reviews INCLUDING one on this site.
    But it's $40 versus the second choice which is >$10

    2) DVI-I Male to 3-RCA Component Adapter | DVI-I Male to 3 RCA component Adapter w/ DIP Switch for ATI Video Cards (Gold Plated): Electronics

    For only $4.26 each when QTY 50+ purchased - DVI-I Male to 3 RCA Component Adapter w/ DIP Switch for ATI Video Cards (Gold Plated) | DVI <--> 3RCA Component

    This product seems to not work according to just one post. However, I'm a man who favors second/third/fourth opinions (especially if it can potentially save me money) and I want to know if this works. Can't I just buy component cables and stick them in that and plug that into my TV? If not, why?

    And just to be sure, here's my Monitor - ASUS VH236H Black 23&#34; 2ms&#40;GTG&#41; HDMI Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd&#47;m2 20000 &#58;1 &#40;ASCR&#41; Built-in Speakers.

    Please someone help me, I REALLY need to know ASAP. Otherwise, all this money spent on buying the equipment to mod my Wii is a total waste. =(

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    i mean its up to you. Personally i would go for the cheapest option xD
    <--I made this long time ago.
    Dont forget to Thank to the People that have helped.


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