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Thread: Help a newbie out with WiiMC

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    Help a newbie out with WiiMC

    I have my Wii 4.1U softmodded and have got games to play off HDD. Next I want to watch movies but haven't figured it out yet. I downloaded WiiMC but do not know how to install it. I have a seagate HDD connected to a dockstar with pogoplug on my network. Movies play great on my WD TV Live off it and would also like to get the Wii to do so also. I've read about smb but don't know if it will apply to the dockstar. Any help will be appreciated.

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    i think you need to pay attention to reality of wii

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    There are guides on How to install .wad file here on the forum and also there are threads about WiiMC....

    I would also check this thread out here as well:


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