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Thread: Cannot Read Disc?!?!

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    Cannot Read Disc?!?!

    ok i'm really a newb and i dunno anything about hacking a Wii except for the basics like homebrew and burning games.

    Only once have i found a successful burn i'm using a Memorex Dvd+r's and only De Blob worked with those. I have two Super Mario Galaxy discs and as soon as I load the disc it says cannot read disc. I had the same problem with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn yet this runs a lil till it gives me the cannot read error. Loading games from my external seems to be the only way to really load games. but since i can't do that with gamecube games and it gives me the same error even with the use of a Dvd-r i dunno what to do or even what's wrong is it the Dvd,Cios,or Games itself.

    System Menu:4.2u (accidentally upgraded)
    System Menu: IOS61 v2129
    R8 beta 15 IOS249 (Rev 19)

    Can anyone help I'm tired of looking with no answers. Everything works fine even after the accidental update so it might not be that but if there's anymore info i need to post run me through how to get it cause I wouldn't have the slightest how.

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    buy some decent media, memorex suck, get verbatims or something decent.

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    this may sound stupid but many people have done this including myself from time to time r u putting the disc in the right way ?

    also r u loading them through neogammer if not get yourself a download of it

    Neogamma 8 - Download
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    I use Sony DVD-R and never had a problem.

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    ok i'm not an idiot i know how to insert the disc into a wii and play it on neo gamma. the program does read it but it goes straight to cannot read disc as soon as it loads. i use coverfloader to play games just not gamecube games obviously

    but i can agree it might be the disc i'll try and purchace some verbatim discs and see if that helps. but how bout computer essentials dvd-r?

    then again it might not since i got one game to read and most give me a lil work but not for long.
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