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Thread: Media Player and D3-2 Drive

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    Question Media Player and D3-2 Drive

    I have a black wii that is a 4.2U; according to the forums I have a d3-2 drive. Therefore, I can not use backup disks. That being said putting the Media Player onto my Wii would be useless, right? If it won't play backup disks, it won't play burnt movies either. I just want to make sure before I install the media player. Thanks.

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    a d3-2 drive will not play ANY backups, it will ONLY play retail Wii and GC discs.

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    I have Mplayer CE and WiiMC and never use a disc. It's not like you have to install anything, you're just putting the files on the SD card, nothing gets installed to the Wii, unless you install a forwarder channel. The media players will play avi, divx, mpeg and such, and will also play the movies that are stored on your computer, with SMB and a wifi connection, or you can play the movie files from a usb or SD card.


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