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Thread: How to play DVD's on 4.3

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    How to play DVD's on 4.3

    DVDx no longer workie. Supposed to be able to play through Homebrew, and everywhere I search it says "DVDx died. Homebrew plays DVDs now." But nowhere does it say how. Search did not reveal. Thanks for any help...

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    get WiiMC does everything for you.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    You need an older Wii to play backup discs, one that was manufactured before Nov/Dec of 2009. Any Wii that was manufactured after that will not play backup discs of any sort, only retail Wii and GC discs will work. But the 4.3 does pose a problem, you should have installed DVDX before updating the firmware. Try installing IOS202 for Mplayer CE or IOS58 for WiiMC.

    I cannot get DVDs to play in WiiMC, and I have the good, 3.2 version of DVDX installed. But DVDs work for me with MPlayer CE, my system menu is 3.2, and has never been above 3.2.

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    AAAAHHHH that's right I remember seeing something about the manufacture date - I'll check mine. I'll grab WIIMC too and try as you suggest Stomp. Thanks - appreciate it.

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    Stomp... Installed cIOS 202 with hercules v5 and mplayer CE.

    I'm watching Rudy on DVD right now. Awesome. Thanks Dude.

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    lol, hermes not hercules.


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