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Thread: Alright for those who havn't noticed, There is a chat feature button.

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    Lightbulb Alright for those who havn't noticed, There is a chat feature button.

    Along the main nav bar of the page you will notice a "chat" button. This will help connect you to our IRC chatroom a lot easier for you non-savy IRC people.

    This feature may or may not be perminent, and that depends solely on the community. If ANYONE is caught abusing this chat system, it will carry a ban from both the forum and IRC as well. So please, do not abuse it. This is a great feature to come chat and possibly get some help from some of the staff/mod/guide writers of the site.

    IMPORTANT: If it is seen that the chat plugin is being abused we can and will pull it and return to connecting via IRC clients only!!!!

    Remember this is a FREE service, so please don't come in demanding help immediately. Ask your question in channel and someone will respond ASAP.

    You can see the post about rules that govern the IRC channel. I suggest you familiarize yourself with it. It can be found here: IRC Channel Rules and How To's

    Enjoy this new feature as we continue provide the best support possible for our site.

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