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Thread: help plz new, therefore won't create a thread title -- Creativity/Originality is Dead

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    Thumbs up help plz new, therefore won't create a thread title -- Creativity/Originality is Dead

    hi i have a wii with 3.4 software on it and i want to softmod it do you have to use the lego indian jone because i dont have it and i want to up date to 4.2 how can i do it

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    go read the softmod guide, you do NOT want to update to 4.2.

    if you follow the 3.1-4.1 guide you will be updated to 4.1 at the end of the process.

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    the wonders of scrolling down the page are endless eh?

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    Whatever happened to glancing over stickied threads? Put a little more effort into searching the forum.

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    lol yeah i must agree that was a little bit sad, seeing as info on softmoding your wii at that firmware level is readily available.
    Maybe he will search a bit harder later on in his wiihacks career
    Lets try our hardest to search the fourms before posting questions

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    The question of the week for me is just how does this user expect to go to 4.2? Obviously hasn't stumbled across our softmodding guides, so the alternative to that would be an official update to 4.3 (that's another hint to RTFM so to speak --- manuals would be our guides).


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