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Thread: Shall I update to 4.3 because games aren't working?

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    Shall I update to 4.3 because games aren't working?

    If you take a look at the following thread I've been having a great deal of problems.
    Updated to 4.1, installed CIOS and still having the same problem.

    Installed many different IOS through BootMii but SMG2, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros. just fail to be identified (Unable to Read Disk). COD:MW loads up but then gives a disk read error after 5 minutes.

    If someone could guide me in the right direction I'd more than appreciate it. Should I update to 4.3 and will this help me playing my games?

    Also, is it possible that I am using Bad ISO images? If so, which images are good?

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    why the need for a second thread? please stick to 1 thread only.

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