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Thread: Are there unhackable versions?

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    Are there unhackable versions?


    Just came back from the store (who promised cheap wiis). The guy there told me the cheap kind are unhackble (D2B board or something?) and that they are selling the 'hackable' kind only already hacked and for almost twice as much.

    Any way, I want to buy and soft mod my wii myself (no chips). Before I buy one is there any specific hardware/software/firmware version i should be looking for (or avoid for that matter)? is the really such a thing as an unhackable wii? I was looking through the tutorial section and couldn't find any compatibility guide.


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    Any Wii sold within about the past year will have either a D3-2 or D4 PCB. Those types won't play backups on DVD; that being said, all Wiis are hackable --- it's just you'd be going the USB HD route.

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