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Thread: Help, all Homebrew Apps locking up

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    Question Help, all Homebrew Apps locking up

    Hi all,

    I have been using homebrew for nearly a couple of years now without problems and upgrading apps when available. This is the first problem I have had that I have not been able to resolve using this forum and would be greatful if anyone can help.

    Since I upgraded my internet channel and IOS55, I now have the problem that none of my apps (including syscheck 1.63, WAD Manager 1.7 , CE Player, etc) work anymore as it locks the Wii up forcing me to turn the Wii off and start again. I can still play games via Neogamma 8 and so I assume that my CIOS249 v19 is fine. I am running firmware 4.1E and my internet and iplayer channel work fine too.

    Please can anyone offer any ideas as to why this is happening as I do not want to wipe everything out and start again if I can avoid it?

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    Try this guide. Black Screen App Fix
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thank you Krank, you are a star, this resolved my problem

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    does this work for wii 4.3? because i try to install something and it bricks help

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