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Thread: Does USB have to be formatted to FAT32?

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    Does USB have to be formatted to FAT32?

    I formatted mine to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) (because it would say error code 0) so that i could add a 9.7gb game but does NeoGamma, Gecko, or USB Loader accept this? Does it have to be formatted to FAT32?

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    im pretty sure you would format it to wbfs.
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    Wii HD's can be WBFS(games) Fat32(games and Homebrew) NTFS(games). I'm not sure if you can run Homebrew from an NTFS formated drive.

    You can have Fat32 and WBFS partitions on the same drive. All you need to do is make both partitions Primary and make the Fat32 partition Active.

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