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Thread: Need help with my sundriver!

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    Need help with my sundriver!

    Hello there, i have got a big problem, i just bought a sundriver and built it in in my wii, then, i wanted to download the menu file and the programmer, but unfortunately is down!

    When will be online again?

    Would anyone be so kind to upload the menu file and the programmer on rapidshare, or something like that?
    I've searched everywhere in the internet to find the menu and programmer, but found nothing, everyone linked to

    Theres a Pdf which explains how to install the sundriver, a manual, can anyone give that to me?

    I have already got an very old version of the programmer and the menu, so i've tried it.
    When i start my wii, it detects, a gamecube cdis in it, but when i want to start it,the screen turns green, in the right corner it says loading for a few seconds and then, loading... is away but no writing, just a green screen, whit did i do wrong?

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    Works for me

    4.1E, Sundriver SATA 500gb,Softmodded, Wiiflow USB Loader

    D2Sun Homepage:
    Sundriver Manual:

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    website is update again, please try the last v011 software pack.
    The SunKey Fusion 3in1 chip in stock now, we will present the free chips + NDP to let some good tester to test this new chip and feedback to us, if you are interesting, please let me know, we will present the SunKey Fusion 3in1 chip + Nero Dual Programmer to you!


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