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Thread: Homebrew & Children

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    Homebrew & Children

    Having modded my Wii I am now a little concerned my children will access the homebrew channel & mess things up.
    If I simply want my children to be able to play Backup disks & also play from Usb loader can I somehow set the Wii so the homebrew channel doesnt work?
    Maybe only leave the necessary files on the SD card to do the above?
    ANy help is much appreciated.


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    put the forwarder (.dols) you need for apps on a hdd fat32 partition...(take the sd out and you can have the apps on there when you need them plug in)

    put the hbc channel all the way to the end on the system menu(and say dont touch)

    install full usb loader channel(no need for sd)...

    Best option use priiloader to boot straight to your usb loader on power up

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    Option 1 -- Remove everything from the "Apps" folder on your SD (excluding your USB Loader). Remove/rename the "bootmii" folder on the SD root.

    Option 2 -- Press A and B while pointing at HBC..Move it over to the last page on the Wii Menu.

    Option 3 -- Set Priiloader to auto-boot to your USB Loader (search for info on this).

    There may be other ways...
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thanks for the replys! Dont have to wait long for an answer on here!
    Will take a look at this.

    Much Obliged


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    Deleted everything from the apps folder but left USB loader. Works a treat for me.




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