Flake Out! DS is my entry for this year's Neoflash Competition. It's a fast-paced, challenging, arcade-esque game involving a nightclub full of intoxicated snowflakes.

How to use:
1. Download Flake Out.nds by clicking here.
2. Move it into your flashcard's root directory.
3. Play Flake Out.nds!

Mr. Claus has given you the powers of Sun, Moon and Wind to aid you. Further details on how to use these are in the game.


* L/Up/X - Activate Sun's Power
* R/Down/B - Activate Moon's Power
* Left/Y - Move Left
* Right/A - Move Right
* Touch Screen - Activate Wind's Power
* Start - Pause Game
* Motion - Tilting your DS left and right move the paddle left and right

There is also a high score system implemented for the top 10 scores. The high score table is saved and loaded from FAT for later play.
Source- neoflash