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Thread: I need help on creating a title for this thread.

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    I need help on creating a title for this thread.

    Ok i Softmodded my friend wii (forgot to put Priiloader) V=4.1u
    and he told me he play retail game and it updated to 4.2u bootmii as ios (lucky he didn't go 4.3)

    so now he can open Homebrew channel play retail game everything but.... he cant run Neogamma it just stay at black screen.

    Now i don't know how to fix this... am scared if i do something i brick hes wii

    i have Nand Backup
    but i was wondering if i cant just redo the installation but (guide 4.2)

    Please someone respond
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    yes you can
    press THANKS , it brightens my day

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