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Thread: Need help running Metroid 2 Color Patch on VBAGX 2.2.1

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    Need help running Metroid 2 Color Patch on VBAGX 2.2.1

    So it seems that no matter what I do I cannot run the color patch for Metroid 2 properly on VBAGX. First I tried putting the ROM and IPS file in the /rom folder like readme says to. I run it and it freezes on a white screen. Then I try patching the file using the ips.exe. It works and its in color but it's full of graphical glitches. Basically it's ugly as hell; better to play it in black and white. Hell, I can't even figure out how to run the supposed built in color palette for Metroid 2.

    I can't figure out what the problem is. I've run both of these methods through VBA on my PC and they work perfectly but I refuse to play it on PC due to lack of a controller. So a bad ROM doesn't seem to be the issue here. I can use the same ROM and play the standard monochrome Metroid 2. I've played other GBA games as well.

    Any suggestions?

    PS. If discussion about ROMs like this isn't allowed just say the word. I figured discussing is okay as long as no one says where to download, correct?

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    Apply the IPS patch to the ROM its self.


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