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Thread: New Exploit for 4.3 PAL, Yu- Gi-Oh 5D Wheelie Breaker ( PAL )

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    New Exploit for 4.3 PAL, Yu- Gi-Oh 5D Wheelie Breaker ( PAL )

    This guide has been compiled by Zephyr, my complete thread can be found here,
    WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - New Exploit for 4.3 PAL

    Additional info by WiiCrazy here.
    Yu-gi-vah -

    and psykobug here
    new exploit for wii !! -

    This will put HBC on your Wii.
    Download full hackmii here if required.

    I will assume you have started Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Wheelie Breakers (PAL) at least once.

    Not sure how long this file will last on line so if someone mirrors it I will update my link

    This step by step is to install the HBC 1.0.8 ONLY!!!

    1. Download file: files.7z
    2. Extract ALL files to the ROOT of the SD Card
    - SD Root:\Apps
    - SD Root:\boot.elf
    - SD Root:\private
    3. Place SD Card into the Wii
    4. Click the Wii button bottom left corner of the screen
    5. Click Data Management
    6. Click Save Data
    7. Click Wii
    - If you have a saved game for Yu-Gi-Oh back it up to a DIFFERENT SD Card
    8. Delete the save if it exists
    9. Click SD Card
    10 Click the Pink Dude
    - When you point at it, it should state: YU-GI-OH5D exploit ...
    11. Click Copy
    12. When asked to "Copy to the Wii System Memory?" click Yes
    13. Click Back
    14. Click Back
    15. Click Back
    16. Click Back
    17. Select Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Wheelie Breakers on the LCD
    18. Click the game (when it appears) in the Disc Channel (top left)
    19. Click Start
    - Ensure your Nun Chuck is plugged into the Wiimote
    20. At the Title Screen where it states "Please Press A Button"
    - Press the "A" Button
    21. Now loading.... appears in the bottom right corner of the screen (this will be the 2nd time you have seen Now loading...)
    - Then an "Applications (Front SD) screen appears
    22. Press "A" on Wii Apps - it has a picture of an SD Card on it and is the only thing you can select (it should be highlighted with Blue around the edge already)
    - You have NO pointer on the Wiimote so do not try and find the pointer
    23. Another screen appears with "HBC" in the top left corner - Press "A"
    24. The screen goes black for a moment (your Wii Drive flashes Blue) and the HackMii installer appears
    25. Wait for 1 to appear and then Press "1"
    26. Press "A" to Continue
    27. Press Up until you highlight "Install The Homebrew Channel"
    28. Press "A"
    29. Press UP to highlight "Yes, Continue"
    30. Press "A"
    31. After it successfully Installs Press "A" to Continue
    32. Press DOWN to highlight "Exit"
    33. Press "A"
    - You will exit back at the HBC with a single panel Stating HBC <no description> or it will be a blank square
    34. Press HOME on the Wiimote
    35. Select your choice on what you want to do

    Hope that helps

    A side note: some have reported that you need to be 60Mhz (480i) in the Wii Video Output settings. I have successfully completed this with it set to BOTH 480i and 480p.
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    I must of done this about 50 times and each time Yu Gi loads i get a black screen and nothing. I have played it several times and deleted my save and replaced it with hack but its not giving me any joy whatsoever. tried 50hz 60hz always same problem. Help please im on 4.3E on a Pal Model RVL 001 eur with Pal YU GI Wheelie Breaker
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    If you have followed these guides and are having problems, you could follow this guide, there is a section on Yu-Gi-Oh

    There is much more support on Indiana Jones.

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    Thank you i will give it a go

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    thanks for the knowledge
    see me at work here


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