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Thread: questions after softmodding my wii

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    questions after softmodding my wii

    Hi guys
    i recently softmodded my wii after stupidly updating to 4.3
    all is working fine but just a few questions.

    I set the region to europe when starting the modding. Does this mean i cant play usa games? if so is it possible to region free it.

    Can i go online safely without having to re softmod it?

    Thanks for reading and any help would be greatfully recived

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    You can play online, just don't cheat. If you're playing an out of region game you have to force the video settings in the loader you're using. Out of region works just fine. Ensure you do not accept any updates and have priiloader installed to block them.

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    You can use Neogamma if you are playing from discs, to run out-of-region games, check my sig and see the lastest version. Then force the region, if you got problems forcing, post again or pm me

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    How to play out of region games (disc playing) Neogamma
    uLoader Priiloader


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