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Thread: Wiimote not working

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    Wiimote not working

    I have a modded Wii. All was working well but now my Wiimote simply doesnt work at all.
    I can access bootmii but cannot launch the HBC from it. Having had a search all I can come up with is to use a gamecube controller to get into the wii menu & pair the remote again.
    Is this the answer?
    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Your WiiMote will never work in BootMii menu. You can use your gamecube controller or power, reset and eject buttons on your Wii to navigate.

    You can rename the bootmii folder on your SD card to skip bootmii menu or you can edit bootmii.ini (sd:\bootmii) to autoboot to system menu or HBC after 5 seconds
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    Thanks for the reply riger. I actually got sorted by some random pressing of the sync. buttons.



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