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Thread: Wiikey Fusion Failed to load "SSBB" D-9 from SD Card ?

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    Us Wiikey Fusion Failed to load "SSBB" D-9 from SD Card ?

    G2C-D1A Wii
    4.3U Firmware
    Wiikey Fusion Latest Firmware 1.3
    SanDisk SDHC Class 2 32GB
    WBFS Manager 4.0
    Windows 7

    SSBB D9 ISO Size: 8,311,680 KB (Approx.7.92GB) And 6.93GB On SD Card

    Can Anybody Help Me ?

    Black Screen
    "An Error Has Ocurred...Press...Eject...Console..."

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    reading this i have no idea what your question is, can u be more specific?

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    Class 2: 16 Mbit/s (2 MB/s); with a transfer speed like that your not going to be playing SSBB any time soon. You should have gotten a 16GB class 6 or higher SDHC instead.

    As for the black screen: Black Screen -- Usually means you have a missing or out of date IOS.(See Below)

    If your wii is a virgin wii with 4.3U and you just added the wiikey fusion to it, it means the 4.3 wii firmware is screwing you, you should have read this before you even posted:

    Your problems are NOT that uniquie.
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    no need to softmod with wiikey fusion.

    The problem MIGHT be that you are on Win7.
    The 64bit version of WBFS 4.0 is buggy, and the Fusion chip isn't always happy with the way the software puts the isos on the SD card.
    Try again with the 32bit version on win xp (and be sure to only add ONE game at a time, again, another bug in the software causes bad transfers if you add more then one game to the SD card).


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    Apocalyps mentioned all...

    If you know how to install and run 32bit version on Windows 7 then that can help a lot if you dont have an XP 32 or Windows 7 32bit. Google it and you will find lot of site about how to run 32bit software on 64bit OS


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