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Thread: Wiikey2 Questions?

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    Question Wiikey2 Questions?

    Hello, I don't get very well the wii things so here i go, I buyed the wii with wiikey2 already installed.
    1st If i update my wii to the newest fw version i can play backups with wiikey2 right?
    2nd Is there any way to play NTSC games on a PAL wii with wiikey2 installed? if not what are my options?
    3rd how can i see the version of the wiikey2? and how can i upgrade it to the newest version?

    Thanks a lot hope you guys can awser me this :3

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    i have a drivekey, it works fine in 4.3
    wiikey should work too, too update u should use wiikey 2 update disc
    dont know how 2 see what version you've got, just install the latest update

    Wiikey 2 Modchip - Downloads - WiiKey2 for All Current Wii Consoles - DMS D2A D2B D2C D2C2 D2E

    using the config disc u can change the settings and play all region games i think.

    however, i would recommend softmodding ur wii all u need is an sd card, and usb device to store ur games
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    Thanks a lot
    I did found a way to play the NTSC, i change the region with regionfrii :3
    Btw, config disc? s:


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