WiiHacks Needs More Game Masters

What does a Game Master do?

  • posts information on interesting, fun, popular upcoming games
  • posts reviews of games - reviews can either be conducted by the Game Master or can be a re-post of a good, credible, thorough review from an outside source (always reference the original source)
  • helps members with game problems, if possible

General Requirements:

  • an historical record of helping on site, as evidenced by minimum post and thanked counts of 100 and 10, respectively, is preferred
  • onsite participation showing job-related skills
  • no infractions (flexible depending on type, date, etc.)
  • ability to follow instructions
  • knowledge and understanding of the site rules

Any interested members may apply at the WiiHacks Positions Application Desk located in the WiiHacks Site Business Forum. In your application post, please provide the following:

  • your name (real or Forum),
  • identify the position of interest,
  • your age
  • a brief description of your qualifications (you may include past forum and/or technical experience)
  • provide any details you believe important to your application

Thank you for your interest in the Game Master position and in helping the WiiHacks member community.