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Thread: Rebuilding Nand backup

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    Rebuilding Nand backup

    Hi all,

    First I want to give a little info on my setup.

    Wii is 4.1U
    USB HD Iomega 250 gb wbfs, fat, fat 32
    bootmii is installed as boot2

    When I first installed homebrew app and bootmii I made a nand backup sometime back in January. I will call it nand1. 3 days ago
    The problem I have run into is with the latest version of homebrew app. While it was updating by internet connection it showed it was installing then I had a black screen come up with a bunch of hex numbers stating flush log to SD card but I did not have a card in the wii and it stayed on this screen, so i rebooted the wii and it boots up to this same screen saying flush log to SD card.

    Being that i had boot2 installed I grabbed one of my SD cards put my bootmii folder on it and used it to backup the nand. This one being nand2. I did this to try and get the additional titles off nand2 since i have purchased since January.

    i was able to reinstall nand1 but I need to get additional titles back on nand1 from nand2. I have used zestig to dump both nand1 and nand2 so I do have decrypted versions of the nand and am able to look at it using showmii wads. I have tried looking but dont know if its possible for me to combine the nands? anyone have any ideas on how to do this or can point me in the right direction? any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    use showmiiwads and extract the wads(titles) then install them with wad manager to your wii make a new back up with all the stuff you want on there...

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