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Thread: Freezing PS3

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    Freezing PS3

    Hi all, can anybody help?

    I've bought a psp with a broken blu ray drive. It has the shell of the old drive with the logic board on it. The problem is it works fine through the menus but when I try and play a downloaded demo, the screen goes black and everthing becomes unresponsive. I've tried various demos just incase one was corrupt. Also if I go to playstation home, it freezes too.

    Is this because of the faulty blu ray or is there a more serious issue? I have tried all the maintenance techniques such as restore file system, rebuild database and restore ps3 system. I've also done a full format of the hard drive. All of which failed to work.

    If I get a replacement Blu ray drive will it fix this problem?

    Sorry for all the questions but there is no repair shops around my location and I just don't want to shell out more money if it's a waste of time.

    Thanks for reading, Baz.

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    Not many people around here have tinkered with the ps3 (sure there are a few, though.) If you don't get an answer it might be easiest to call and ask sony.


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