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Thread: PS3 Modchip coming very soon

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    PS3 Modchip coming very soon

    Post taken from PSX-SCENE

    The first PS3 modchip has arrived and PSX-SCENE is the FIRST site to CONFIRM it is 100% REAL!!!

    PSX-SCENE is the first any ONLY website to CONFIRM that this product is working 100% Not by speculation but by being the only website to actually have sample product in the hands of testers! We will have a video courtesy of OzModchips soon so stay tuned!!!

    I have been in contact directly with the manufacturer and can confirm some things you have all been asking about...

    1. FAT32 is currently supported. They are working on NTFS.

    2. They recommend staying on current firmware and not updating until they have deemed it safe. The dongle is fully updatable.

    3. Online play does work but they cannot guarantee that it will work with all future titles.

    4. Final retail units are ready to ship.

    5. Official reseller list will be on their site in the next 48 hours. You can pre-order from any of the official resellers. There are websites out there now claiming to be selling but they are not legitimate. Don't get ripped off. Wait until the official list is posted.

    6. We will have a support forum right here on PSX-SCENE.

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    What Firmware is the current Firmware?, post linux or pre linux.

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    So its a USB hack - yet we're supposed to pay?

    Hope its a simple clone USB drive and copy onto another drive option.


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    Be interesting to see what its all about. Still a little fuzzy as to if its disc loading only or usb. If it is usb then what role does the chip play? I can wait 48 hours for answers though. Hope its legit, yet I'm still a little skeptical since the ps3 has been the ft. Knox of systems so far. Thanks for the info.

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    Simple device, allows games to be dumped to an external or internal hard-drive, then dumped games can be played. The dongle has the firmware on it to allow this to happen.

    See here: PSX-Scene

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    Its not quite just a usb stick, its a dongle. Contains a chip or something? They got hold of Sonys service tool and modified it.
    So it won't be a case of just copying the contents unfortunatly, but i'm sure a cheaper clone will be availiable soon enough, and if not Hades has dumped the BD FW and claims to know how to decrypt it. now to ammend and write it!!

    Now sony faces the same problems as M$. The cat and mouse games begin. lol.
    Maybe now they will start charging for their online gaming.

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