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Thread: Disc Drive stopped reading discs after soft mod 4.2 ---- no, wait --- after 4.3 too!

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    Disc Drive stopped reading discs after soft mod 4.2 (worse prob - system now 4.3)

    Hey guys. Many months ago I soft modded my wii to 4.2 and it worked perfectly, I got everything that I installed to work, however the drive stopped playing my purchased games on disc. USB loader was able to back them up for me, and then play them off the drive so I could store my discs, however I DO want to play borrowed or rented games sometimes.

    Is there a good way to diagnose why the wii drive won't play discs, but still backup fine?

    This has become an issues since when I wasn't around my kid upgraded my Wii to 4.3 and now the only thing i can play are the games I download from the Wii Store...

    I am feeling hooped and hope I can at least get my discs working again.

    I'll even accept criticism, but any advice will be appreciated.
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    Excuse me? You're speaking of two different things. Sounds like perhaps there was an IOS issue before; if your child upgraded to 4.3, you now have a far-more difficult task ahead of you (resoftmoding via mauifrog's 4.3 guide).

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    oh yes, i realized that 4.3 just added a nightmare to a bad dream, but I need to fix my drive before I can fix my 4.3 problem

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    You're missing the point. No, you need to do mauifrog's guide first. His guide will possibly straighten your IOS issue out in the process. Worst case, posting a SysCheck (something you cannot do with HBC gone, right?) afterwards if the problem persists would be the proper thing to do.

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    i thought you were referring to the guide which stated I needed to have Indiana Jones or Super Smash Brothers Brawl official discs to run the fix properly....

    I am going to be apt to missing many points, I'm sure. I'm only marginally competent (I managed to mod my wii on 4.2 only by following the instructions, not because I knew what I was doing)

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    I think he was referring to that guide.. take a look at the guide. If you had a pre-installed forwarder channel or bootmii as boot2 then you may be able to do it without the games.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    oh, forgive me. I stopped reading when i saw YOU NEED ONE OF THESE GAMES OR DON'T BOTHER (that was what my brain quickly assessed anyways)

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    That's all we ask of users who frequent the site (you'd be surprised how many can't follow direction; understanding what you're doing, is strictly a bonus --- users like this are more apt to stick around and help others after their good fortune). But yes, you must do the softmod guide that requires one of those two original titles (meaning original store-bought or rented media) first. That would be the logical path (you do want it softmodded again, right?) and if not resolved, this would allow for use of tools to fix whatever outstanding problem(s) may remain.

    Krank's assessment is also true (or if you have a modchip, it may be possible to do this without the original media/games).

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    thank you guys, I will try my best and come back if I have more issues

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