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Thread: I think I might get this one...

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    Us I think I might get this one...

    But before i do, how good is it compared to the chips right now? I am going to get this one here: - Official Distributor for WiiKey, D2CKey, D2Pro, D2PRO9, Wiizard, Wii-Clip etc..... - 100% Solderless Wiizard for D2B and D2B Legless

    I have a GC2-D2B (no cut pins or missing pad). Does it work with that?


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    also what does this mean?
    Stealth & Anti Error 001 Mode & SSBB DL Support

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    Stealth & Anti Error 001 Mode ==> This happens with old modchips or modchips
    that can not be updated.. And it happens when you try to play some of the new games,
    like Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart and on and on...

    & SSBB DL Support ==> Means it works with the DUAL LAYER backups, so far the
    only game that uses a dual layer disc is SSBB (SUPER SMACH BROTHERS BRAWL).


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