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Thread: Virginize Wii 4.3

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    Virginize Wii 4.3

    HI Guys,

    I tried to softmod the WII using this, but couldnt get any burned games or USB Loader to work. I used this hack (

    Would it be better if i Restore my wii to factory default and try everything again? I am not sure that once we install the hacks above Restoring wii to factory default will BRICK it or not, so a bit concerned ?

    Any help?

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    If your Wii is a new one that came with system menu 4.3, then the Wii Drive will not read backup discs. Now, as to using a USB device, did you setup your USB device (hard drive or Flash Drive) following one of the guides or did you just think that the USB Loader would work as is?

    If you have not yet setup your USB HDD, follow either this guide HERE or this one HERE


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