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Thread: Overwhelmed and can't make a thread title, please help!!

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    Exclamation Overwhelmed and can't make a thread title, please help!!

    Hi folks, fist of all thx for such a great forum and people helping here and there!!! But im net at this and despite off i ve read a lof of stuff i still cannot figure how to make red steel 2 and Resort to play at my wii

    It has the 4.2U system version and the wiiflow 1.1 and i dont know step by step how to upgrade the version of the files to achieve playing those games.

    Please someone help me!!! Thx a lot and please have patience with me, maybe some day i can give back something from what im taking now from you!!! Thx in advance!!!

    PD: I have homebrew channel but it tells me to update it...and im scared to do so and brick the wii or crash the wiiflow soft...what should i do?

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    There are various Guides to get these games to work. Took a look at THIS.

    About the Homebrew Channel:
    Update it. It can't cause a brick, it will not break any software, and only gives you an improved Homebrew Browser.

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    there is a newer version of wiiflow out too it wouldnt hurt to update that also
    here is the guide for that >
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