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Thread: playing Game Cube back ups on korean wii

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    playing Game Cube back ups on korean wii

    hey guys.been a lurker here for a couple of weeks now.just got a korean wii already softmodded upon purchase(living in the Philippines). I play backups from an external HDD using wiiflow.not really sure the details regarding what IOS etc. im using. ive searched hard and long but i havent been able to come up with up with a definite answer/solution to my query. i KNOW Korean wiis have had the GC backward compatibility taken out but seeing that the hardware is supposed to be identical across all regions, there should be a way around this right? seems kinda dumb for nintendo to include GC controller ports AND memory card slots if theyre functionality is zero or limited.

    many thanks in advance!

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    I am not entirely sure about the comment I am going to make now, but I believe the only thing you need to do is install the latest MIOS with WAD Manager. If not, you need to region change your Wii. I believe installing the MIOS is enough, though.

    Best of luck,

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    thanks for the quick reply bandicoot! im not sure if the region of my wii has already been changed.havent really tampered with anything since i got it as its been working perfect (except for MH, but thats an IOS issue if im not mistaken) but what i do know is that when accessing my wii menu and changing basic settings (sensor bar position/sensitivity etc) everythings in english

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    Download this, and extract it to the root of your SD Card or USB Device, which must be formatted as FAT32. Run the Homebrew Channel, select the Storage Device, and start ''WAD Manager''. Use any IOS you may like for the installation, set the source device to what kind of media you are using, and install the MIOS.

    Oh yeah, by the way: see if a GameCube game works after the installation.

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