It is a great with which you can create text writing with the stylus directly on the touch screen on a handwriting. You can even be used as a "Paint" to draw if we're bored.

How to use:
This application basically is a tool which you can write text, but by hand, and our NDS recognized as one letter to the show on the top screen, and then we can save in TXT format microSD.
It also has a text viewer so you can read the files already saved. To make matters worse it also has the option of drawing, in which we can change the background, change the color and brush size, and we can save them in bmp format DScitor folder in the root of the microSD and after viewing them.

In the file includes an image, Letters.bmp to indicate how each letter should be written for the NDS recognizes it, and not confuse them. You strongly recommend that the touch screen is in good condition and well calibrated to better decteccion letters.
Source- neoflash