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Thread: need help enabling the wii to read gamecube action replay as well as transferring VC.

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    need help enabling the wii to read gamecube action replay as well as transferring VC.

    Whenever I load gamecube action replay from neogamma, it gives me an error message. Even when I loaded it from gecko it also gave me errors. The rebooter even gave me an error message after rebooting too. I have TWO gamecube backup launcher mios files but an unsure of which one to use and what to install (versions and what not). As for virtual console data game transfers, someone emailed me links and instructions but those did not work (particulalry installing the ios 60 and 70 and where to put the WADs once I downloaded them). I have 5 games ready and installed WADs for them.

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    Answer to the Action Replay part:
    2. Piracy and cheating is neither condoned nor supported by WiiHacks. WiiHacks resources and activities support the precepts of “fair use” of the games purchased by our members.

    Answer to the Virtual Console part:
    Read THIS.

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    Wait I forgot to mention that I have already purchased the gamecube action replay and memory card for it and I insert it into the wii. And the fact that rhe wii does not read gamecube action replay normally. So I am not pirating anything at all; nintendo is pirating me of my products that I purchased. Hope that clarifies. I want to run gamecube action replay with my wii. I am not using it for cheating in any way.

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    Personally, I am still a little confused because of the following statement:

    Quote Originally Posted by iCool View Post
    I want to run gamecube action replay with my wii. I am not using it for cheating in any way.
    An Action Replay is used for cheating, right? And the Rules say that WiiHacks does not support cheating, right? Does it make sense?

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    No it is not used for "cheating". Unless you use it for codes that you can normally acquire by unlocking, then it is not considered cheating whatsoever. Especially since you can't play online for the gamecube, making it an equal opportunity for all. And for that virtual console link that just mentioned about triforce which I won't be using. I want a direct link for copying VC data games to other wii's modded or not with the purchase of those games first as it isn't considered pirating.

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    About the cheating part:
    So you use the Action Replay to unlock Codes that you can normally unlock by accomplishing something? That's not what I see under ''fair use''.

    About the Virtual Console part:
    If you install the correct patched System Menu IOS used by the System Menu, you can run off of a SD Card.

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    here is what I am trying to say. For instance if you play super smash bros melee and want to play as giga bowser which you can't even unlock btw, you have to use action replay. That is not cheating. You are not trying to steal data that you can get normally because you can NOT acquire giga bowser normally via unlocking him. Its something "extra" that you can only enable via action replay. Make sense now? Also for the virtual console save data, would it work if I just removed the no copy flags? I have done that for wi-fi games like brawl and mario kart. I want to copy the save 100% data on mine to the save 0% data on theirs and we both have a copy of the downloaded/purchased game stored in our wii memory. I managed to copy mine to the SD card so the only way I'd be able to copy my data to their's is via SD card. I want to do this in the data management section but wikipedia says its impossible to copy virtual console save data to another wii.


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