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Thread: Toy Story 3 plays but not in color!

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    Toy Story 3 plays but not in color!

    I recently decided to softmod my 3.4U version using dogeggs tut and everything went fine. After doing the tut to the exact end I downloaded the new version of the HBC and installed the cios38r17 file that it came with. I then installed gxloader and formatted an 8gb sandisk cruzer to try a few games to see if everything went ok. I loaded up Toy Story 3 toy boy edition and everything goes fine except the game plays in black and white NOT color. The game also does not fill the screen correctly at the loading stages where it tells you to put the nunchuck in and the intro. I was wondering if I got a bad file of the game or if I am missing a new ios249 file. I checked out the guide to problem games here and it says to load toy story 3 with ios249 but I am under the assumtion that cios38r17 is the same as ios249. Anyone come across this problem? I ripped wiisports right from the disk to my usb and tried that and it played fine without a problem so I am assuming the wii has been softmodded correctly but maybe not for this specific game.

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    Force the video settings to your region.

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    It took you longer to write that post then it you have taking you to find the answer if you would have searched. Why don't you try that. I'll give you a hint... try searching for "Black and White".


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