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Thread: Ripping with Gx loader problem...

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    Ripping with Gx loader problem...


    First of all I did some research using google and this forum but wasn't able to find anything regarding this.

    I have a 4.2u wii soft moded with all the latest Cios ( hermes and waninkokos ). Im using Gx loader r938 to load and rip my games. When I rip game inside this loader ( using the + "install a game" button ) it works.. take about 30-40 mins / game and produce me some really big sized isos. For instance I ripped Rayman raving rabbit and the iso size is around 8 gigs wich doesn't make sense at all. I used wbfs manager to extract the iso out of my wbfs partiton. The iso on my computer is really about 8 gigs.. and when I re-add it to the drive it drops to about 2 gigs. and still working perfectly..

    I also tryed the same game using super dumper ( or something like that ) to rip it on my FAT32 partiton. This then I ended up with an 2 isos totalling about 4 gigs when combined and once again droped back to about 2 gigs on my wbfs partition.

    So whats im doing wrong with gx loader to end up with such big file?

    I would like to continue rip using GX since it directly put on my wbfs partition and doesn't have to combine iso's files.

    Thanks for your time.

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    And exactly which softmod guide did you follow? Our guides exist for a reason --- and have recommended cIOS revisions in them. We also have USB HD configuration/setup tutorials.

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    I used that guide :

    the only thing I add after that is running "pimp my wii" to update all cios to the latest version.

    I tought it would be a good idea to update my Cios to latest version.. but according to you it seems to be my problem..

    will try to look into that



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