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Thread: Problems using backup loaders

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    Problems using backup loaders

    I have formatted an external HD for use with the Wii using both backup manager and WBFS Intelligent.

    Whilst the Wii seems to detect the drive, as Wiiflow loads, it does not seem to recognise the fact there are games on it, Wiiflow says it cannot find any games.

    I have tried for example, New Super Mario Bros. as a ciso and wbfs formatted file, neither of which are found.

    USB Loader GX does not detect the drive at all, nor does Neogamma.

    I know that there are some drives that are not compatible with the Wii for this purpose, this particular drive is an IBM Travelstar, I have looked at some of the compatibility lists but its not very clear. It mentions it has been tested and works with USB Loader but not others, but of course I am finding the complete reverse.

    I wondered if anyone knows if this is just not going to work at all or if anyone thinks I may have messed up something.

    The Wii has been hacked using this guide


    Everything else is working perfectly.

    I also wanted to ask about using an SD card, as again I seem to be experiencing problems trying to get it to recognise the games.
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    Hard to tell, being you followed some other site's guide. We have USB HD tutorials on this site you may wish to view. Also (and so many people overlook this fact): there's a controller and a HD. So often the issues more revolve around the former (ie enclosure) than the latter.


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