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Thread: Semi Bricked Wii

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    Semi Bricked Wii

    So basically I can't load up my system menu. It's just a black screen when I try to load it. However I do have priiloader installed. But my problems keep getting worse, I've tried the Priiloader Brick Fix but I just got some code dump nonsense. Also, for some strange reason the power button refuses to turn on but it will turn off. I have to press the eject button to turn the Wii on. Also, my wii remotes will not sync to the wii. I have tried everything to get it to connect but it just won't, so I have to navigate with my Gamecube controller. Also, Homebrew will not load. So basically is there a fix for me or am I going to have to buy a new Wii.

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    Nice first post (not). And just what were you doing that led to this situation? System Menu/region? Guide you had softmodded this with? If Priiloader is working as you state, do you still have access to HBC and wad manager? Information as a commodity is not overrated, it's an absolute essential to any trouble-shooting....

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    If you don't tell us how you broke it, it's going to be harder to help you, but hey you can try to restore from a NAND backup. And also maybe HBC isn't starting because the new HBC 1.0.7 & 1.0.8 changed their ID and that's why priiloader doesn't load it (maybe the semibrick isn't the reason why it isn't loding), if you got priiloader 0.4 you can select Launch title... and then launch the HBC from there, also you can launch bootmii IOS directly from priiloader.

    The quickest way is to restore your NAND.

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    easiest check is to see if bluetooth is stil working. Try to switch on the wii with your wiimote.
    That also let the wii fail to show the sysmenu. Is it an older wii?
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    Load priiloader, select hacks- disable "Blackscreen at Wii system menu Startup!"
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    ok, most probably what maui said, but really: who activates hacks without knowing what they do?


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