Speed Trap it's a topdown view racing arcade game for NDS. The main objetive of game it's complete all track laps before time runs out.

How to use:

Speed Trap
Beta Version 20100802

This is a very early version of Speed Trap, soo I need as many testers as possible to can adjust the difficulty of the game, so please those who test it, report the time made in the forum, so among all find a balanced difficulty.

How to run the game.

The game uses NitroFS file system, so it is possible that your flashcard can not execute directly.
If so, start it using the "homebrew menu", which you will find in the folder concerned.

This game uses some advanced graphic effects that not works nice on emulators. Soo run always you can on real hardware.

How to play.

The controls are easy. A, accelerate, B, brake and turn with the pad. We can reposition the car on track if we stop it completely and press the X button. Press START at anytime to come back
to main menu.
Source- neoflash.com