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Thread: Help with homebrew and avoiding firmware updates

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    Help with homebrew and avoiding firmware updates

    I am new to this, so please forgive if the answers are obvious. I tried searching, but the terminology in most posts is over my head.

    I have a modded (not sure about the modchip name) console. The menu says "4.2u" and I assume this is the firmware version. It was installed at the time of the modchip installation.

    Some recent games have asked to update and I refused. The kids are connecting to the internet, so I'm concerned about automatic updates.

    Ultimately I would like to install a program that will ignore/prevent/work around updates, either online or from new games.

    I know that to install new programs and wads I need the homebrew channel. But I'm having a very tough time figuring out how to install it.

    There is a post on the main page of wiihacks with a 4.3b update, but it requires homebrew. Should I update to 4.3b or stick with 4.2u? In any case, I won't be able to do anything until homebrew is installed.

    Is there a really simple guide for noobs on how to get the system set up properly with homebrew and to prevent future updates?


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    Sounds like you need priiloader which will do exactly what you are looking for but first you will need homebrew channel.My only experience of installing the two was on softmodded consoles and not chipped ones so either best to wait for some help from someone more knowlegable to reply or post in a different section.
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    The Homebrew Channel is not required. You can also use Bannerbomb if installing Priiloader is your only softmod purpose.
    Take a look HERE.

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    or you can install homebrew with any 4.2 softmod guide, then install priiloader

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